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Body chemistry that is out of balance can bring on mental depression and even symptoms of a psychosis. In 1952 Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer theorized that schizophrenia was due to a lack of niacin. He prescribed large doses of niacin to his schizophrenia patients and they healed. Depression healed with niacin. This established body chemistry as a mental health factor. Vitamin therapy is now called orthomolecular medicine.




Emotion is mental energy. All energy flows. Painful emotions that do not flow out (are not expressed) flow into the body and get stored there. Storing the energies of painful emotions is the basis of mental problems and even chronic ailments.




To be human is to have spiritual experiences. Medical psychiatry does not acknowledge the validity of such experiences and diagnoses them as mental illness. If spiritual experiences are not valid then the Jewish Bible is not valid, the Moslem Quran is not valid, the Hindu Bagavad Gita is not valid nor is the Christian Bible.

Spiritual experiences take place at the level of spiritual energy. Most people that have spiritual experiences do not realize what is happening. It then becomes a challenge. Subconscious trauma, if any, will add to the challenge in painful and confusing ways. Bipolar disorder is one example.


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