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I came out of curiosity and what I found changed my life.
D. Ronald R. - Tampa, Fl


I came to release the upset of an auto accident. I started releasing birth trauma.
Alice H. - Freehold, NJ

In my breathing sessions with Nick I experienced a sacred space.
Alicia D. - Murray Hill, NJ

I am finding it to be so valuable. It is a miracle! It relieved every bit of pain in my body from fibromyalgia and old back injuries.
Maureen F. - Marlboro, NJ

I'm now engaged to be married. I attribute it to that session I had with you last year. It opened my heart so I could accept his proposal of marriage.
Lillian L. - Plainfield, NJ

The yoga breathing was incredible. I did not expect the enlightenment I received during the session. I can actually breath now and no allergies. I want to thank you. When I left, my heart felt lighter. It also felt wonderment and joy.
Jeanette C. - Landing, NJ


Using his excellent ability to listen with patience and understanding, Nick provided me with the tools and support to come off the medication. Now, I have begun to make substantial progress in reaching my goals and I no longer depend on medication. Thank you, Nick, for choosing to become a channel for light in the darkness, for helping me to better understand myself and life as a whole.
Lakshmi S. - Carteret, NJ


Nicholas ... I am grateful meeting you last summer. You change my life many many times. You teach me Yoga breathing. You take care of me when I am homeless. Without you, I can not imagine whether I can still function well in NYC. When I remember everything, I want to thank God. He is the most mighty one who creates everything. He gives you to me. Thank you, Nicholas. Thank you, God. Life is so wonderful.
Zhen D. - Queens, NY
healed of bipolar)

I am unable to put into words the experiences I had with Nick. This guy is the real deal! I was going through a very rough time in my life and through yoga breath therapy I am now a completely changed person. Not only is he a great teacher and healer, but also a wonderful friend who will help you through any issue in your life. The power of the breath is real and there is no better yoga breath therapist than Nicholas Jouvanis!
Jonathan B. - Highland Park, NJ

Nicholas...Do you have a book that you have written expounding on the views you share on your website, about the nature of the soul, and the need to heal and cleanse the mind/memory? There is a lot of truth to what you say. Thanks for the inspiration.
Jim B. (a stranger's email)

Dear Nick, I hope you know that I am in debt to you. It was you that taught me how to set myself free. With your wisdom, I have been able to lift the weights on my mind, on my shoulders, and in my heart. With your guidance, I have been able to unlock the door to the expressions of my emotions. Forever Grateful,
Maggie A. - Perth Amboy, NJ

It was quite a profound experience for me. I actually cried out some very powerful emotions, evoked by memories from the past. It was quite cathartic.
Azeem S. - Metuchen, NJ


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