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A seizure is the body's way of communicating that a large amount of suppressed emotion is trapped in the body and that it has to be removed.

Suppressed emotion is invariably painful emotion - trauma. Trapped trauma not only is the basis of emotional problems it also is the basis of most chronic illnesses. So - a seizure is the body's way of informing you to purge that trauma before it causes a chronic illness, like diabetes. Trapped trauma gets purged with reliable emotional therapy.

A client came for therapy because her seizures were increasing. They started shortly after she was sexually molested in her teens. The Clear SET brought that subconscious trauma up to her consciousness. Yoga breath therapy supported her to embrace the trauma and express it. A few weeks later she notified me her seizures had ended. One session did it.



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Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for seizures
PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression.

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