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Nicholas Jouvanis
62 Horizon Drive
Edison, New Jersey 08817

opposite Middlesex County College

telephone: 732-248-9369


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My normal work hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The last appointment of the day starts at 3:00 pm. Expect to be here at least two hours, possibly three. I may be able to accomodate your special scheduling needs.

On weekdays therapy takes place in my apartment. If you must be here on a weekend then after I teach you the breathing rhythms we will drive with your car to nearby Edison Park into an isolated parking area. (Have your car be clean and uncluttered.) I will sit in the front seat and you sit in the back seat where there is more room. This is where and how therapy takes place.

Scheduling an appointment starts by email and is finalized by telephone. I do not answer phone calls that do not show proper identification. When I am with a client my phone is turned off.

Have a snack before coming here - stomach not empty and not full. A full stomach interferes with yoga breathing. Wear comfortable clothing - nothing tight. Bring a bed-sheet or a light blanket to place on mats that you may be lying on.

Meds interfere with therapy. If you are on medication your appointment must be scheduled around your meds schedule. You must be off meds at least 24 hours prior to coming here.

I charge for therapy time not conversation time. My fee is $100 for the first hour of actual therapy. If therapy must go into a second hour the fee is $60 pro-rated. Please bring cash - I do not accept checks or credit cards.

My practice includes unique healing tools called The Clear SET. Click on it and follow the instructions on that page.


Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for PTSD,
depression, seizures, bipolar disorder.

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