You Are The Source Of Miracles
Miracles Are Within Your Grasp





Nicholas Jouvanis
62 Horizon Drive
Edison, New Jersey 08817

near Middlesex County College

telephone: 732-248-9369



I no longer practice therapy where I reside. If you have an urgent need for therapy and you live nearby we can do it at your home. You will have to supply transportation. Another option is we can go to nearby Thomas Edison Park and do therapy in your car. This is obviously unusual, and it has been successful for every client I brought there.

My work hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm - they are flexible. If you are on medication your appointment is determined by your meds schedule. We will discuss this when you call me.

I employ these energy tools to support yoga breath therapy. Please click on it and follow the instructions before your appointment.

My fee is $150 for an hour of therapy. This form of therapy may be two hours. Please bring cash, not credit cards.

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