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In 1966 I earned a B.S. in psychology at Brooklyn College. I majored in psychology to gain some understanding of the emotional problems I was then having. Those psychology courses failed to provide. I went on to have a career in computers.

In 1984 I discovered yoga breath therapy. It brought back my emotional stability. I then took a week-long course in yoga breath therapy with the people that introduced it to me. After that I experimented on myself to determine which breathing rhythms were optimal. In the process I healed myself at deeper levels. What I learned helped me to heal friends and acquaintances. That's how I gained the skills to heal the issues mentioned on my home page.


Nicholas Jouvanis, B.S. - Yoga Breath Therapist

Edison, New Jersey, Middlesex County
Telephone: 1-732-248-9369

Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for PTSD,
seizures, bipolar disorder, depression.

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