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Pranayama means spiritual energy control. Breathing accesses spiritual energy. This is reflected in a number of languages.

English - Inspire
The verb to breathe has a synonym in the verb to inspire - to allow spirit in.

Latin - Spiritus
Inspire is rooted in the Latin's spirare, meaning to breathe from which is derived Latin's spiritus, which means breath.

Hebrew - Ruah
The Hebrew word ruah means both wind and spirit.

Greek - Pnevmatikos
The English word pneumatic refers to air pressure. Pneumatic is rooted in the Greek word pnevmatikos which means spiritual.

Greek - Atmosfero
The atmosphere - which contains the air we breathe - comes from the Greek atmosfero which means sphere of vapor.

Sanskrit - Atma
Atmos is rooted in the Sanskrit word atma which means soul. A soul is a spirit. The atmosphere, then, is a spirit-sphere.


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