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Hypoglycemia Is Caused By Suppressed Emotions

And Healed With Yoga Breath Therapy



In 1976 I had an emotional conflict. Not resolving it was very stressful to me. Shortly afterwards I discovered I had hypoglycemia. The emotions I generated flowed into my body, landed in my pancreas and destabilized it. It also made me emotionally unstable - one big button.

Eight years later I discovered yoga breathing. The second breathing session restored my emotional stability. I had many more breathing sessions afterwards. Each session brought deeper healing. My hypoglycemia ended with my twentieth breathing session.


Nicholas Jouvanis, B.S. - Yoga Breath Therapist

Edison, New Jersey, Middlesex County
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Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for asthma,
epilepsy, PTSD, bipolar, depression.

Yoga breathing is called rebirthing, conscious breathing, cosmic breathing, vivation, holotropic breathwork...alternative to psychotherapy...I'm not a psychotherapist.