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EPILEPSY - Grand Mal


A client said that her epileptic seizures began shortly after she was sexually molested as a teenager. She came for therapy because her seizures were increasing.

Her therapy began with the Clear SET. It quickly brought suppressed trauma up to her consciousness. Yoga breathing supported her to express it. Memory came up to inform she was releasing trauma from other painful incidents.

A few weeks later she informed me her seizures had ended. One lengthy therapy session healed her epilepsy.



Nicholas Jouvanis - Yoga Breath Therapist

Edison, New Jersey, Middlesex County
Telephone: 1-732-248-9369

Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for asthma,
epilepsy, PTSD, bipolar, depression.

Yoga breathing is called rebirthing, conscious breathing, cosmic breathing, vivation, holotropic breathwork...alternative to psychotherapy. rebirther, rebirthing New Jersey, rebirther New Jersey, psychotherapist New Jersey, psychotherapy New Jersey