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therapy for depression

A Depression Can Be Brought On By Anyone Of A Number Of Different Factors


Body chemistry is one source of a depression. Eating food that lacks a sufficient amount of vitamins - especially niacin (vitamin B-3) - can result in a depression. Vitamin therapy heals it.

Suppressed emotions can cause depression. When we get stressed out we rarely express those emotions - they then get stored in the body. This is the source of emotional problems and even physical problems - a chronic illness. Both conditions can cause a depression. Emotional therapy heals it.

Painful emotions that flow into the body may stress glands thereby activating them to over-generate hormones. Body chemistry that is out of balance can cause depression. Vitamin therapy heals it. Doctors that practice vitamin therapy are found on website

Hypoglycemia - a chronic illness - can cause depression. The pancreas over-generates insulin, lowers blood sugar below the proper level which causes depression.

Hypoglycemia is caused by suppressed emotions that landed in the pancreas. Emotional therapy heals hypoglycemia. Yoga breath therapy healed mine.


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