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Healing Mental Depression


Forgiveness heals - emotionally and physically. Website says forgiving heals depression. Owner Colin Tipping created forgiveness worksheets that can be downloaded free. I have used them for other reasons and got results. Use the worksheets to forgive whoever was hurtful to you.

Body chemistry - A poor diet can degrade body chemistry to the extent of causing mental problems, including depression. Psychiatrist Abram Hoffer developed mega-vitamin/nutrition therapy with which he healed depression.

Suppressed emotion can cause depression. When painful emotion is not expressed its energies flow into the body and get stored there. This causes a host of mental problems including depression. Yoga breath therapy heals suppressed emotions.

Hypoglycemia causes depression. Suppressed emotions flow into the body, land in the pancreas and destabilize it. Eating sugars and starches activates the pancreas to over-generate insulin. This lowers blood sugar below the proper level causing painful depression. Hypoglycemia heals with yoga breath therapy. Mine did.

Yoga breathing is called rebirthing, conscious breathing, cosmic breathing, vivation, holotropic breathwork...alternative to

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Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for asthma,
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