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To Heal A Depression You Must Knowing Its Cause

A mental depression is caused by either poor body chemistry or suppressed emotions - or both.

Emotion is mentally generated energy. If we fail to express emotion it will flow into the body. Painful emotions (i.e., anger, fear) that reside in the body will promote a depression. This heals with emotional therapy.

As painful emotions flow into the body they may stress some glands - the glands will then over-produce hormones. Body chemistry will then go out of balance - and cause a depression. This heals with vitamin therapy.

If you are not ingesting the proper amount of necessary vitamins - which would include vitamin B-3 (niacin) - your body chemistry will not be balanced. This will bring on a depression. This heals with vitamin therapy.

Hypoglycemia - a chronic condition - can cause a depression. The hypoglycemic condition is due to a malfunctioning pancreas. The pancreas malfunctions because of suppressed emotions that reside in it.

The malfunctioning that occurs is the over-production of insulin. The pancreas is triggered to overproduce insulin by sugars and starches that were eaten.

Overproduced insulin will lower blood sugar below the normal level which causes depression. Eating food that is high in protein restores blood sugar to its proper level.

Emotional therapy will heal hypoglycemia. It was yoga breath therapy that healed me of hypoglycemia.

A major depression-determining factor among women is the menstrual cycle. The foundation of a woman's menstrual cycle is highly influenced by hormonal chemistry - and hormonal chemistry is obviously influenced by both her diet and her emotional state.


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