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Healing A Depression Requires Knowing Its Cause


A depression may be due to suppressed emotions and/or body chemistry that is not balanced.

Eating food that lacks the right vitamins - such as vitamin B-3 (niacin) - will deteriorate body chemistry to the extent of causing a depression. This heals with vitamin therapy.

When we become stressed we do not always express our emotions. Unexpressed emotions get stored in the body and can become the source of a mental depression. This heals with emotional therapy.

Painful emotions flowing into the body can stress the glands. This will cause the glands to over-generate their hormones. This puts body chemistry out of balance, which can bring on a depression. This heals with vitamin therapy.

Hypoglycemia can cause a depression. It's a condition where the pancreas over-generates insulin. This lowers blood sugar below the proper level, causing depression. Suppressed emotions landing in the pancreas cause hypoglycemia. Emotional therapy heals it.


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