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The Bipolar Disorder - A Profound Spiritual Awakening Gone Wrong


The bipolar disorder is not a mental illness. Having the belief that you are God is not mania. The BD community must realiuze that they really are God. God incarnates as every human being not just Jesus. That was the true message of Jesus. The second coming of Christ is not about Jesus returning. It's about mankind awakening to its divinity.

Hinduism's Vedanta philosophy acknowledges mankind's divinity. Vedanta teaches: God (Brahman) is consciousness. No consciousness exists other than God. Human consciousness is God.

Hindus practice yoga to access their Divinity. Yoga means union - with God. The manic phase is disorderly yoga. Manic phase laughter is God's laughter. That's why it's uncontrollable. God laughs through us at the joke He plays on us - incarnating as us and hiding it from us.

These factors contribute to the depressive phase:

Being your divinity indicates that your ego (which masks your divinity) has diminished. A diminished ego does not resist embracing suppressed trauma arising from the subconscious. You will feel the pain of that trauma and you will cry it - past life pain, as well.


Being your divinity makes you psychic. You will pick up on other people's thoughts and mental pain. You will feel it and cry it.

Body chemistry - A nutrition-poor diet degrades body chemistry. Depression is one outcome.


Healing The Depressive Phase Ends Bipolar Disorder

Body chemistry - Psychiatrist Dr. Abram Hoffer concluded (in the 1950s) that many mental illnesses were due to vitamin deficiency. His vitamin therapies healed depression as well as bipolar disorder. Vitamin oriented doctors can be found on

When body chemistry is not a factor then subconscious trauma (suppressed emotion) is.

Subconscious trauma - My therapy for subconscious trauma starts with the Clear SET and followed up with yoga breathing. Three bipolar clients healed this way.


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