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Bipolar disorder is properly understood with Hinduism's Vedanta philosophy. A Sanskrit word, Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge.

Vedanta teaches: God is all that exists. God became the universe. God has consciousness - God is consciousness - God is the only consciousness that exists. Human consciousness is God's consciousness. (This was the true message of Jesus.)

Vedanta says our divinity is hidden from us by the ego. The psyche itself is the ego. Psyche means soul - a particle of God that incarnates. Upon incarnating, the soul veils its Divinity with attributes of a non-Divine consciousness - the ego. God purposely hides our Divinity from us.

Manic phase symptoms include feelings of radiant bliss, great power and invincibility. These are Divine attributes. This indicates that bipolar people somehow overcome their ego - inadvertantly. Likely they became vulnerable in some manner. Becoming vulnerable undermines the ego. An undermined ego veils inadequately.

Manic phase laughter is God's laughter. God laughs through us at the joke He plays on us - becoming us and hiding it from us.




Forgiveness heals - emotionally and physically. Website says forgiving heals depression. Owner Colin Tipping created forgiveness worksheets that can be downloaded free. I've used them for other reasons and got miraculous results. Use the worksheets to forgive whoever was hurtful to you prior to the onset of the bipolar disorder. Then forgive all others.

Body chemistry - A poor diet can degrade body chemistry to the extent of causing mental problems, depression included. Psychiatrist Abram Hoffer developed mega-vitamin therapy with which he healed depression and even bipolar disorder.

Suppressed emotions can cause mental depression. Yoga breath therapy heals this. The bipolar condition doubtlessly has suppressed emotion at its foundation. Bipolar therapy I do starts with the Clear SET then is followed up with yoga breathing.

Hypoglycemia is a chronic ailment that causes depression. Suppressed emotions flow into the body, land in the pancreas and destabilize it. Eating sugars and starches activates the pancreas to over-generate insulin. This lowers blood sugar below the proper level causing painful depression. Hypoglycemia heals with emotional healing programs.


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