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Hinduism's Vedanta philosophy sheds light on the bipolar disorder. A Sanskrit word, Vedanta means the culmination of knowledge.

Vedanta teaches: God has consciousness. God's consciousness is God. God is the only consciousness that exists. Human consciousness is God. (Many say this was the true teaching of Jesus.)

Vedanta teaches that our ego is what hinders us from experiencing our Divinity. The ego exists, by Divine design, to mask God's presence in each of us.

Manic phase symptoms include feelings of radiant bliss, great power and invincibility. These are Divine attributes. This indicates that a manic person's ego became vulnerable. Being vulnerable undermines the ego. An undermined ego inadequately masks our Divinity.

Manic phase laughter is actually God's laughter. God laughs through us at the joke He is playing on us: Becoming us - hiding it from us - having a mortal existence as us.

The depressive phase comes from the pain of subconscious trauma that ascends to consciousness.




Jesus preached forgiveness. When you forgive someone you are healing your relationship with another manifestation of God. Website teaches that forgiveness heals depression. Owner Colin Tipping - a spiritual healer - developed forgiveness worksheets that have the power to access spiritual energy. Forgiving with these worksheets heals life at different levels. Trust me.

In the 1950s Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer developed nutrition-vitamin therapies that healed depression and even bipolar disorder. Today it's called orthomolecular medicine.

Therapy that I do for bipolar disorder begins with the Clear SET and is followed up with yoga breath therapy. This method has thus far healed four bipolar clients.


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