Human Consciousness Is An Extension Of Divinity
Human Consciousness Is An Extension Of Divinity


You Are The Source Of Miracles
Yoga Breath Therapy
Miracles Are Within Your Grasp


A Natural Alternative To Conventional Psychotherapy



To breathe is to inspire - to allow spirit in. With each inhale we breath spiritual energy - chi - kha - prana. Yoga breathing is pranayama - spiritual energy control. Breathing prana with the proper rhythms empties the mind of suppressed emotions and soothes the psyche.


Nicholas Jouvanis - Yoga Breath Therapist
Edison, New Jersey - Middlesex County

Telephone 732-248-9369
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Yoga breath therapy has been labeled vivation, rebirthing, conscious breathing and holotropic breathwork.


Most chronic illnesses are due to suppressed/unexpressed emotional trauma. The energies of these unexpressed emotions flow into the body and land in an organ system, compromising it. That organ may not start failing right away, which is why you will not associate its illness with the emotional upset that caused it.

When yoga breath therapy healed me emotionally I also healed of hypoglycemia. Two clients each healed of chronic fatigue syndrome when yoga breath therapy healed their emotions. If you have a chronic illness try yoga breath therapy. Do you want to spend the rest of your life treating symptoms?


Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with yoga breath therapy. You must be free of meds for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment here. My services are not covered by health insurance. Learn yoga breath therapy here then do it at home.


My practice now includes unique healing tools - The Clear SET - a powerful adjunct to Yoga Breath Therapy.


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